The never ending journey
I am a slow runner
but i never stop moving
and people say i am moving faster
but that is because of their lingering
I know i am world famous
b’coz there are proverbs on me                                         
and I know I am   gorgeous                                        
b’coz i have seen people admiring me
Some people love me

and cares me a lot

b’coz i wake them up for free
befor the sun burns hot
I am hated by most kids
b’cos I interrupts their dream
and I someone who fits
everywhere never fails to do my job
Icome in all shapes and colours
and i have a cuckoo thet sings
after every hour
some of my friendz have bells that ring
be it summer or winter
be it day or night
I will go on forever
b’coz I know i must
and as i move on
I wait for no man
b’coz I knowas long as hteir is life
I am destined to walk forever……

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