Belated New year wishes to all my readers. Happy 2018!

So, a new post after almost two years!  Some would be wondering , whether this is part of my new year resolution.. The answer is No! For actually this was my last years new year resolution..So about time I fulfilled it right? The reason for no posts so far- Laziness to the core.. So I have decided no resolution for 2018 until I’m done with last years. Cos I am not ready to fail! Well lot of things happened over the past two years.. I completed my studies . So now I am a Civil Engineer specialized in Environmental Engineering.  And yeah.. I got married!  July 16 2017 was my BIG day!
which calls for a change of title .. from ‘Twisted thoughts of a teenager ‘ to ‘Journey of  a Miss to Mrs. Not that my thoughts have changes much 😉 So let it be! the first post in two years is on Wedding!!

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