I have always been fascinated by history and culture. Being born in India obviously meant that there were a lot of history to be learnt. And I loved learning it all.. I loved the ancient palaces the myths and stories behind them. I loved visiting museums , art galleries and historical places. However my husband works in IT field. Hence while I loved learning the past he was more interested in future.. oops! total mismatch! My dreams were filled with kings and warriors and his were filled with robots and sci-fi stuff.

So when one day I said I want to visit the Dubai museum, ofcourse at first my plan was rejected. But let’s face it ..I’m ‘the’ wife .. I was well prepared and ready with the counter attacks.. (After all I had to use all those week days for something right). Finally I won and we set out for the museum with excitement.. Well the husband was not so excited .. but who cares huh! My plan worked.

the ‘excited’ wifey with ‘not so excited’ hubby.

The Dubai museum is a place where history has been shown with lots of creativity. For a moment one would forget that they are in a museum! One could actually go back in time.

Scenes recreated from the past .

Inside old arab house

More than the history what amused me is the way they have displayed it. It is like they have tried to recreate the past inside the museum. Some of the mannequins placed inside is so lifelike ,they could even scare you for a minute . Like this one here.

Mannequin of a person building the boat that they used to go for pearl diving

Anyways I am not spoiling the fun for those of you guys who are planning to visit by putting up all the photos. But if you guys are going don’t miss out the walk at the Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood. It gives you the feel of visiting a biennale.. There a lot of inner streets with wonderful wall arts and art pieces.. the place is definitely worth a visit.

Narrow streets that make you want to pose

The calligraphy art wall

Am I being helpful?

Another day you could also visit the Old Souq Dubai which is located nearby to the museum area. A ride in the Abra.. a walk through the souq..shopping in the souq along with so many others..This would let you know  about the rich Arab culture.And yeah while there don’t forget to check into some of the awesome coffee shops!There is even a coffee museum here. So now what do you think.. Are museums boring??!!

Nothing to cheer you up like the waters,the breeze and some hot chocolate


MERIN NIKITHA ANIL · March 18, 2018 at 7:01 am

Are museums boring? Nope, not anymore. How could it be boring after reading this beautifully written travelogue!!!!

    Afifa · March 18, 2018 at 9:13 am

    haha!thanks merii!

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