We all have one of those days when suddenly we get a creative, out of the box idea in our heads. I too have those days and in this page I would be sharing some of those with you all. From childhood days I have been interested in the arts and crafts, which would also be a possible explanation for my love for museums and art galleries. I like to play with colours and just adore the feeling of glue in my hands!

In the beginning I would draw some stuff, mostly cartoon characters and just paint it. However like any 90’s kid I was also intimidated by Rob and his most amazing program M.A.D which was aired on channel POGO. In fact I was addicted to that channel, a trait that I have geniusly passed over to my little niece. In fact there have been countless occasions when my parents were on the verge of blocking it.

Anyways M.A.D inspired me to make new stuff by recycling things such as cardboards,paper cups, bottles and so on. Later on when I got a room of my own I was very keen on making it my own by giving it my own touch. That is how I ended up loving room decor and diy. In the CRAFT page there would be to sections one on room decor and the other on cards/personalised gifts or basically anything crafty enough. So here goes!!Take out your colours people! Let’s paint!!

PS: Most of the time I feel like painting/drawing out of the blue. Hence I never had time to go buy stuff or colours and so I would end up using whatever colours I had with me (That would be those that you see in the picture above) or things that were available at home!

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