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Hello people!                                                                              

I am a foetus, aged 260 days. So, yes I’ll be out from this little cave within a few days…But should I? Because now after six months since I’ve started hearing I am clearly having confusions about getting out. Some of the reasons for me to say so are…
Falling values tops my list. A new born first gets to know her family so family values are a must…as the saying goes’ charity begins at home’! During my days here I too had the ‘honor’ of visiting some families. I am seriously shocked! When I went to my so called cousin Amy’s house I found her screaming at the top of her voice at her mommy…Oh! What a tantrum she was making..She made me wish I never had my ears developed! And the visit to Aunty Aisha’s house was even worse. All she had to say was about some lady who happened to be her friend. But I couldn’t catch a sentence from her that indicated so!!I think here, elders are no longer respected, and, from what my granny says families are not what it used to be..
My second reason would be education- An area that certainly needs some changes. I happen to have a cousin who is now in his pre kg classes. Every night he and aunty sit with his homeworks. And so far I think they have just learned A is for apple and B is for ball and a C for cat… Each day they toil about with the same thing. Just for once cant they at least try B for baby and C for cerelac..Come on at least I know that much. I sincerely hope that by the time I go to school, at least then they will try something new. Children here are made to recite poems like parrots. They are not given freedom to imagine, to create and to bring on new ideas.
Next on the list is our surrounding. In spite of all those paper bags, jute saris, and coir chappals (I’ve even got a teddy made of coir in my room) that were made as a part of improving greenery our success in this area haven’t been too high. I seriously doubt coming out to live in that dark smoke filled town because I am quite happy here… And all I have managed to see in our flat so far is mommy’s plastic plants that have got flowers that never dry.
Last on my list is poverty. Our society has been divided into three- the super rich, the mediocre, and the super poor… a very large proportion of our population are super poor..this is from what I have seen so far. I have seen small children selling glasses, pencils, and Santa Claus hats when papa stops our car at signals. Can’t anyone do something about it? Why are they acting blind? Even I could make this the super rich enjoy in their Ferraris and the poor has to earn a penny cleaning these Ferraris!! I am sure a billion rich Indians are definitely better than a million rich Indians. Right? Poverty is a problem that needs an urgent solution here..
Everyday I hear my parents talk about killings, bomb attacks…Day by day the number goes on increasing. Then there was this incident. The other day when I went for my usual scanning I heard from another foetus (we are about to step out to this world on the same day) that her parents are sad since they were not expecting a baby girl! I too cried at the sight of that poor thing. I hope her parents look after her well ,after all it was not her fault that she became a ‘she’ and not a ‘he’…So all this leads me to thinking” what’s the point of me being born here??Why should I leave this little paradise of mine?” I want you people out there to make a decision, not just for me, but for the millions waiting to get out of their own little shells. That is it…its time for my nap. Bye everone! Hoping to see you all soon!!
Urs lovingly

An unnamed foetus (260 days)
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