“Because girls…you are totally worth it!”
Together lets bring an end to this!!

In light of the recent events in Delhi this is what I have got to share with young girls . Being a girl just like you people out there, I cannot imagine,( even now),how a woman can suffer that much..so much of pain..so much of shame…so much of fear..so much of anger..all at the same time. I’m sure during those terror filled hours that she had to go through in that hell of a bus at least once she might have hoped for death..waited for it..for atleast then those rascals would leave her alone. But no, even death failed her then..Later when she was in the hospital, fighting for her precious life there was time when she told the world out loud that she wanted to live, to show those cruel men out there that she can live happily in spite of what they had done to her. But unfortunately that brave heart is not there with us anymore.

As girls, I think we all have to learn from this incident, not only this but from the thousands of others happening in and around our country these days..every hour ,every minute and every other second..So girls always keep this in mind. This is India, and no matter how much we say we have modernized.. today we eat from kfc’s and dominos,we wear western clothes, we adopt their lifestyle and what not..but there is one thing that haven’t changed all these years and that is mindset. I say this because even now if a girl is seen out late at night , people will start staring and muttering.A few comments are all part and parcel of the game. What I say is,”why create a chance for them to say this?”. For as long as there are men and as long as there are women, it is natures law that men will always wish for women. Combined with this, unfortunately, and I am very sad to say this ,there is a large number of our men who wish for every other girl out there. Yes! It is so shameful but it is the undeniable truth.Today we even hear of fathers molesting their little daughters.I often wonder how they can do that, let alone even think of such a thing! Like many others in this country I too hope but in vain that strict punishment will be given to such men ! For so far justice has not been provided for the victims who have sufferd this everlasting pain..

This is our country, accept it, understand it and learn to live in it. I am not saying that we must go back to be the girl of seventies and eighties..be independent ..be smart and enjoy life, but in between don’t forget to take care of yourself, its your life, your body. Take it as an additional responsibility for us, just know how precious you are.Our life is a gift of god,live it with care so that you can fulfill your duties as a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother. So girls it is time to start taking care of yourself. Until then lets hope that those heartless rascals out there get a solid hard [punishment for their deeds at the earliest. Until then remember it is your life, your responsibility!
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