Hard work v/s Money?
As time passes by and when I see the next group of students struggling with their entrance exams, trying to make a decision about their future,
my thoughts yonder to the past when I had to go through this time.
 My class 11 and 12 story begins like this. Right after the 10th results I felt so elated, I had made my parents happy and I was proud of myself at having achieved something… That very day itself I had to make the important decision- whether to be an engineer or a doctor? Having scored well in 10th I was sure I could get a seat for medicine and right from the first day I started working for it .After two years of ardent struggle I wrote that most competitive exam of these days.z But unfortunately I couldn’t make it to medicine.
I felt heartbroken at that time but after weeks of try I was slowly recovering from the shock until the day I heard the news that many of my friends who rarely made it to the pass list in biology had joined for medicine!! Then I heard my dad say, if you were a boy he’d have definitely made me a doc, no matter how hard he had to try.Then I thought ‘why did god create girls if he didn’t like them so much!! Why did he have to make some people rich and some poor??’
I saw my cousins who just enjoyed those two years having fun with their friends at the movies and parks had their future wonderfully planned out over the years by their parents, promised to be fulfilled by the thousands of private colleges with their beautiful campuses. Whereas I was where I was at the start of those two years, totally confused as to what to do next. I had to wait for the rank list to decide which course to opt. Again I was left wondering ‘Is this fair? Cant those who worked for it never taste the fruit of success?Is it hardwork or money that decides one’s future?’ I thought ‘where is god and what is he doing? Can’t he just put a stop to all this?’
One day I decided I had to stop all this, had to face the reality and move on. I had to do something and from then on I tried to forget everything. And so far I have succeeded .Now I enjoy the course I am learning. So, what I had   learnt from these experiences is this-The one with a dad having lots of money in his pocket can choose any profession he/she wants while those whose dad doesn’t…well they’ve got to struggle for it and finally it is my belief till date that they will surely succeed in their lives!!

So friends this is what I have to share with the bunch of you dealing with entrance exams now- don’t get disheartened by things happening around you. Just follow your dream and make it happen and show those rich guys and gals out there that these are things that have to be achieved by us, the students and definitely not by parents!
Wish you all success!
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