JYeah! I am slim, So what….?? J
This is my story, the story of the slimmest girl in the class  (in fact in any class ).I was born to my mom and dad on 26th of July 93. I was a fat , plump girl who weighed 4kg at birth. I’ve often heard my mom telling she had difficulty in letting me out coz of my huge head which just wont come out!! Finally I was born J . But this fat body of mine lasted just for a few years, and by the time I reached class 2 I was branded ‘slim’ and when I reached class 5 I was branded as ‘the slimmest’ girl of my class.  I, obviously didn’t care about all these changes and went on with my ‘devil may care atitude’.
But there were some others who (I dunno why) found my being slim a great problem. Is it my parents… NO, these people belonged to a category which I named as ‘aunties’. All of them were astonished in my changes…and exclaimed “oh! Is that Asha’s (my mom) daughter?? She became so slim!!”. As a kid I hated going for functions, be it family meetings, weddings or parties because everyone had just one question for me, just like a cuckoo they cooed to me..”oops you are so slim !! Doesn’t your mom feed you anything?”and each time I had to restrain myself from telling them “its not me that is slim aunty, it’s because you are so very fat!!”
And that is the truth, coz every time I look into the mirror I see a normal girl staring back, but when I see these aunties, they seem fat to me! And most of the time their kids were also fat (to me).
 I dedicate this article to all the unusually slim ones out there who, I know, would be facing trouble like me..Its ok if u are slim, In fact it is more than ok.. cos you too have your advantages! The first and the most important being the ability to squeeze in anywhere!! I mean how many kids out there today can actually do that! I am proud of how I look like, I mean I am only slim yaar its not lyk I’m amputed or anything right…? So next time if I hear anyone telling ‘m slim this would be my reply…”yeah! I AM SLIM..SO WHAT??”


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