I wanna be a……………..?
I’ve wished to be a number of persons in this short period of my life.. an artist, a dancer, an engineer, pilot, doctor , a police woman, an IAS officer and so goes the never ending list..”hey dear! Wotz ur ambition?” “ beta..aap bade hokar kaun banna chahthe ho??” “du u want be lyk ur dad or mom..” “valuthavmbo aarakana aagraham”(who du u wanna become wen u grow older).I am sure not a single soul exists who haven’t heard these questions in their lives. For me, (and ‘m sure for many of u out there) this question was as tough as “ child, whom do you like more mom or dad”. The answer to both these questions vary according to ‘the moment’.. If u had just had a fight with your dad then the answer to the above question would be definitely mom!!
Even today, after studying two years of engineering I’m having varied thoughts about which profession to choose.. I wish to share this here because about a year earlier when all appreciated me on my writing skills , I thought I should be an author, it could change my life!  This thought lasted for about a month. During plus 2 I wanted to be a doctor, but I couldn’t manage to get a seat for med, yet I am really amazed how this particular ambition had an extended warranty of 2 years even though I was sure I had to erase that thought forever now! And now friends, a new ambition has dawned in me from yesterday!

I was eating this biscuit called Dark Fantasy yesterday.. I must say it is my favourite biscuit right now, ‘m not sure how long it’d last but for the time being it is my favourite. And yesterday, on my way to the 5th biscuit ..for the first time, I noticed the intricate designs on it..it was so beautiful.. Those small patterns in it  struck me so much that I was surprised I hadn’t noticed it before. Now I wish to be a person who creates these simple yet amazing designs. I was telling my dad I want  to study designing next! Atleast I would get free packets of dark fantasy now and then!! Now thatz the kind of job I’d never refuse!! J J
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