Flying records,Approvals, Tiring classes
Nd lots more!!
It’s been just two weeks since my S5 classes started and I’m already fed up with it! My first day back @ college began with the Hydraulics lab..I’ve been to so many labs so far but never have I been to one like this! Even though it was our first day back they din give attendance fr those who wer even 5 min late.. Me and my friends luckily scrambled in time seconds before the deadline..Thnx to the many misd cols frm de few of my classsmates who had already made it to that jail of a lab..We made it the frst day! The machines out there lookedno less than zombies to me!! We successfully completed our first experiment with lil troubles here and there…But then there was the next big headache of getting the rough rec signed by the “jail warden”!!
Next day shooted off with trnsprtn engg: and later continuing with design, analysis, GE and on nd on the list goes….
The third day back @ college nd I had already managed to get a seminar in my pocket! Thanx to my parents they wanted to gimme a name that started with the letter ‘A’ so that I’d be second on de roll..
The next big trouble came with the drawing class. One day into that place nd I hve already strted to hate the word ‘approval’..I  never thought that the direction to which the kitchen faces had so much importance!For me it had always been the place where I cud fill my stomach! After 2.5 hrs into the clss  nd after several redrawing of the doors n windows nd ventilators…I finally managed to get my plan approved!
All this while, I’d been dreading going back to hydraulics lab nd as expected it did not fall short of any other description but JAILl!! Minutes into the class nd a record was already sent flying by our warden… Next in line to submit the record was me ..Those 10 steps towards the teacher felt like a mile to me..
Earlier, I never gave value to signatures..But now me nd my friends die for it. We shout nd laugh out wd joy @that one signature without a ‘repeat’ or a ‘meet me’! Strange how things change!
In b’w these flying records nd approvals classes went on as usual. Most of the time I don’t understand a word of it.. In spite of all this college is fun. For instance the ‘hangin out part wdd friends, the many unusual photographs, the gossips are all something one would never wanna miss.The right mix of studies fun and laziness is the secret recipe for a successful enjoyable college lyf!!
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