A thousand likes for just being “white”??
Said so the great great grandmother from some ancient era…”Being fair makes the girl beautiful”, and the dumb society dumbly believed it then and still believes in it…

Yes! This is exactly what is happening today in this world! I’d like to recall an incident here. It happened last week when me and my friends were on our way home on the early morning train.The seats next to us were occupied by a tour group all the way from the North(our guess). What amused us the most was that  all of them were equally fair! I thought “ How can God do this to us? Look at them.. so fair.. and us??  As if mirroring my thoughts my friend also thought out loud the same thing! The green eyed monster of jealousy lead us from then on and since it was three girls talking u guys can guess how our conversation ended!!
But, isn’t this just one incident..?Here, in our country it is almost as if being fair makes the girl perfect! There is no other better example to show this than ‘the big fat Indian wedding deal!! A fair girls gets “sold out” fast in this deal…unfortunately if she turns out to be not so fair…that’d mean an additional 10 lakhs +  she has to be good in practically everything!!

I wish they’d stop this discrimination based on colour.. Its not just discrimination it is mentally weakening many girls..!Coming back to the incident I was talking about earlier..that very day after I reached home I went out to the  mall with my family.. and there again I got a chance to meet our “friends” from the train. As I was checking out each of them from the corner of my eyes I heard my dad say “ how can these girls dress so badly! It’s a disgrace to the society..?” I found an unsually joyful happiness in myself and the very next moment I took out my cellphone and started a chat with my friends who accompanied me on train!! Again I hope all can guess what we talked about…after all it’s a matter of girls right??!

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