My trouble with the bubble!!
Last week i started developing a swelling in my right eye, I call it the bubble in my eye!!..It was quite small at that time but within two days it grew big! After shouting at my father for not taking me to the hospital right at the initial stage,  we reached an eye clinic. It’s a really big hospital, and I felt happy seeing it!
Before actual consultation with the doc came the eye test! This is the funniest part. They took me to a room and made me wait there. The nurse who was supposed to do the test was busy chatting with her friend. As I was waiting for her I studied the room. I found nothing to my interest other than a whiteboard with some alphabets and numbers printed in it in various sizes…  By the time the nurse returned I had read the board quite a number of times. In fact by then I had learnt the first two lines by heart !! She came, she made me sit on a chair next to her.. she made me close my right eye and made me read the prints on the white board with my left eye! Aha!! I read it superbly without a single error.. After this one time reading , I had learnt the whole thing except the last line which I wasn’t able to read. She then repeated the whole procedure and made me read with my right eye (this was the eye with the swelling ). Actually when she closed my left eye I had a blurred vision but when she asked me to read , like a student, I read out loud from my memory!! She didn’t ask me to read that last line for which actually I had trouble reading!!!
Later on I saw the doctor, she gave me some medicines and an ointment for external application. I went back to hostel with all the medicines in hand..waiting for the bubble to vanish fast.. but instead of vanishing the bubble started growing  bigger and bigger….. I decided to return home and consult another doc before the bubble actually came out of my eyes!! So today morning I went with my dad to another doc.. she glanced at my eye, and exclaimed…”poor thing its grown too big….”,and made me lie down on a bed. I felt a drop of liquid in my eye, then a prick with the needle and it was all over…!!.. The bubble bursted, along with it came out the puss and water…She wiped it off with some cotton. And I was happy to have my eyes back again!!

On my way back I was thinking about my eye test.. After the test the nurse had told me “ your eyes are all good! U’ve got zero problem with vision.” I felt happy hearing this then but today as my swelling still persists I cant help wondering if the eye test actually worked.. Coz now I feel as if I took a memory test rather than an eye test!!
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