Hi everyone!! wishing all my readers a wonderful onam! for students like us, I think onam is the time when we get a 10 day break from studies..a tym to relax huh.. πŸ˜› I reached home yesterday and as usual this time also our train journey back home was eventful.. I was struck by an incident.. I cant resist sharing it here ! so here goes..Due to the onam hols the whole station was crowded..with students..with families returning to hometowns..an so on..and as expected we coulnt find a seat. One family from Kottayam was kind enough to give us seats..it was an upper berth seat but still that is somewer to sit na..We settled there..I lyk sitting there cos it gives me a nice view of things happening both inside and outside the train!

Half an hour into thhe journey a toy seller came. He was deaf and dumb. He had this magic writing board in his hand…he wrote alphabets on it and by sliding on a button he made it vanish.. 2 minutes into it, he manages to sell three of these, 100 rs each πŸ™‚ I thought he’d leave by then, too happy to have earned rs 300 πŸ™‚ ! But no, he opened a bag full of small toys, there was a car, an airplane , a jumping monkey and several more…He said he’d give 5 of these small toys for 100 rs. At first none of the passengers were interested but then he started demonstrating what each of the toys does. Slowly people started falling for it. One guy asked how much it’d cost for a single toy… But this smart guy stood strong and he’d only sell 5 toys @ a time.. Whenever he had trouble communicating with the people he smartly wrote  it on the writing board!!And can you believe it he made another 300 rs πŸ™‚

I realised something at that moment! God really have plans for everyone..He may have made that man deaf and dumb but then he is definitely gifted by other gifts..so dont get depressed for being weak in certain areas, cos u’d definitely hve ur own areas where u could be “the rockstar”!! Just find ur talent and move ahead!! Best f luck guyz πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
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