Stop being a GIT & do your BIT

Today being a holiday ,me and my mom decided to go for an outing  to the nearest mall.The usual practice is that dad would drop us at the mall in the morning, and by evening he comes to pick us up. Today was different.Since he was busy we had to take the bus. Now there is a bus stop half a km before and after the mall which is not surprising in a state like ours. So we got off some distance away frm the mall and started walking towards it. Very soon I started complaining to mom about the heat, the intensity with which the heat struck us was really huge! As I kept on blabberring  about how hot it was, and that all this sweat will make me look  ugly again, my mom said something, a something which struck me more than the suns heat. She said “ How can you complain like this when you itself happens to be a reason for it?? All that deodrants and travelling in air conditioned vehicles have only added the heat up!”

This might have seemed like an ordinary mothers dialogue to me, a few days back ..but not now..Recently I watched this movie called “An Inconvenient Truth”…(hmm… maybe I shouldn’t call it movie given that it do not have  a fight scene or romantic songs in it..)i’ll call it a documentary,the only interesting documentary I’ve seen so far.It was on global warming. I listened keenly to each and every word of it making a mental note to fight against global warming, and all those killer industries coming up, even deciding to put up an article on it. But upon hearing my mom’s dialogue I felt so ashamed. I was so filled with guilt.

I mean what is the whole point of me writing an article on it..there are loads of it available on net, right? And who am I to write one on preventing it when I myself use aerosols three times a day and use refrigerators 24*7!I realized ..all those years of education on greenhouse gases have been a waste on me…that I had wasted money for tickets to 2012….then I thought..what if..what if I am also a reason for this sudden outburst of disasters in and around the world…?? What have I done for preventing pollution apart from making posters,  giving out talks and planting saplings that have only a three day life span!!
True, the world might not end with us, now that the Mayan calendar have been proved wrong, but itz also true that it should end one day…But why make that day nearer..why not give a chance to our younger generation to share a space on this earth!?Till then I am not asking you to stop using perfumes…even I am not going to do that and I cant ( since unwashed uniforms would surely smell bad!) But believe me, loading ur body with deo is not goin to make a person attracted towards you..seriously!I mean are we dogs to get attracted by scent..
And pleaaase switch to jute/cotton bags…Trust me..they are totally IN now..No one is goin to call u a geek or as they call it these dayz a ‘shashi’ by using those… And isn’t fashion what you make out of it??
It’d also be great if v stopped the wastage of energy.. I mean whats the use of bigger and smarter smartphones if we wont have the power to run it huh? So , start doing ur bit…Lets  just say if u cant be ‘completely green’ atleast try to be ‘partially green’…remember every lil action counts!!
So…do not SCREAM for CREAMS

               But DREAM for cleaner STREAMS!!!

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