A walk along the cartoon lane…..

Hi friends! today ‘m gonna write about the  barbie princess who married superman, gave birth to chotta bheem who had a real friend called ben 10 and and an imaginary friend called mickey mouse..Yes! guyz ‘m gonna write on cartoons today..get back your childhood…! sit back nd relax!!

Lets begin with  this category called superheroes with superman, spiderman,ironman,shakthiman and  many more such man’s…the list goes on..and women too do not fall short in this list..powerpuff girls, wonder women and what not..But now I think its time for lil heroes…with an increasing nmbr of kids and adults watching stuff like chotta bheem, bal ganesh and lil Krishna..A few months back, as I was waiting  for my train at the station, I remember seeing this kid, aged about 4…he had this lil chotta bheem doll in his hand.. and it was this doll that caught my attention for I love chotta bheem!!)… And this is how this lil guy played.. he’d stand close to the edge of the platform and would swing the doll in his  hands. Then he’d pretend the train to arrive..As the train is about to hit the doll, a real ruckus begins…then its all about some fearsome kicks, a punch and another super bada kick!! And with a WHOOSH nd a BANG!! Chotta Bheem saves his life!!. (on this context, if any f u planning to gimme a gift..ahem…I woudnt say no to a chotta bheem figure! :P)

See, that’s what superheroes are for kids, lifesavers

they are!..  I have this cousin who jumped from top of the stairs in firm belief that spiderman would come to his rescue..but too bad no such man came instead the doc came to his rescue..not with a web bt with some needles. The guy has got 7 stitches on his forehead nw.. Funny huh!

Well talkin about the other side..letz go to the gurly stuff… lalalala…. Here comes the Barbie princess with the most handsome prince…!with her pink frock, pink ballet shoes, pink hair bows and soo many pinky thing along wth the cutest pony.. As a kid and even now I’ll die for a Barbie dress, for a Barbie accessory!! Cindrella, Snow white, Thumbelina, tinkle bells, goldilocks..etc, etc, tops the chart here! For the guys it might seem a bit odd to see us gurls bathing and dressing up a doll..but believe it guys dolls are not jus dolls..they understand us..!

Next we move to the neutral cartoons… I col it the good golden days of cartoon…itz my personal favourite nd I personally believe kids today miss it!..where has the mickey mouse gone… what abt Donald, daisy , Minnie, goofy… to me till today they are the real heroes.. I’ve still got “popeye the sailor man “ as my ringtone.. I wish they’d show it on cartoon network these dayz .that, and many more lyk dennis the menace, tom nd jerry , winnie the pooh… Oh God ..kids today are surely missing something! I still luv them and want to remember them always and maybe that’s the reason why I’ve got 3 mickey mouse rings, a mickey mouse locket and a mickey mouse wrist chain!! Say meeska mooska mickey mouse!!!
Now to the new gen cartoons…comes the age of BEN 10 ..i  dunno much abt this..coz I’ve neva bothered to watch that stuff…abt some boy who cld turn into alien..and that too using his wristwatch!! It has never made sense to me….Whatever it may be , I think kids do require some time in front of cartoon network, pogo, and Disney, and nick…it sure does some good on them! Instead of handing them iPhones and tablets n stuff y not just give them an hour in front of Cartoon network..
So which cartoon character is your personal favourite??


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