Say it out loud with stickers!
MY social networking history dates back to when I was in the 7thgrade! During that time it was orkut all around..With orkut I became familiar with scraps, testimonials and so on… I still remember the day when my sister helped me create an account in orkut.. I even used to take lessons from her on “how to text cool scraps to my friends” and so I learned terms lyk “dude”nd “guyz nd galz”.. It was fun initially to read and send testiomonials.. to update the profile pics and stuff! I made new friends frm ol around the world .. 
Then, when I was in the 9thgrade one of my orkut friends introduced me to facebook!! I 
still remember her tellin me “ believe me!  its safe nd more fun..” And yes it was, it had lot more cooler apps and games in it.. But even then, for me facebook was meant for games. Came and went grade 10!. In between there was a time when I switched to yahoo messenger.. but then came my 11thgrade..the sweet 17 age ..I joined a new school and trallaaaa..  facebook strikes! And soon I sent orkutorkut to the graveyard like 

many others..11th and 12thwas ol abt putting up pics in fb, counting the nmbr of lyks , comments… Above all, for many, fb became something sort of a diary..! some of the status updates r so funny… here goes.. “in for movie”,”appointment with the doc”,”fever”, and what not!! I have this friend who had to stop her relationship coz of the disastrous effects caused from her boyfriends “status update”..!!And whatever u put up,atleast two lyks are assured, so y not put it up??//

I have also had that annoying moment when, once  no

 one liked my status update for a long tym, I took the courtesy to do it myself!! Facebook was diffrnt frm orkut in just the “scraps” there being turned “posts” here..and after a movie on the brains behind facebook, the site became the most sought one!!

In between, there were some not so lucky ones like HI-5 and g+.. and to all of them facebook became a villain !.. In this context, I am proud to say  tht I have an account in all of them even though ‘m active only in one!! But I must say, so far , in my social networkin history, nd most probably for many , fb is still the leading one!

Now, ‘m in my third year in college.. and till a few mnths bck it was stil fb on the lead but now tym has come fr yet another change.. and here comes “whatsapp” the all new cool app with lots nd lots of smileys!! For some smiley crazy people lyk me, watsapp sounded the best! But I was wrong… Enter “LINE” the coolest app… nd the speciality of it………BINGO!! It has got stickers !! I must say it has the most coolest stickers in it!!Say it loud with Stickers!

Now the reason behind me writing this! Yesterday, I had a chat with this friend of mine, nd I was amazed to see the nmbr f stickers used in a single chat!..  The short sms wrds are out,SCRATCH that, smileys are also out… now itz tym fr the sticker language..  Itz all abt usin the ryt sticker @ de ryt tym!

My dad keeps telling me, I must stop writing in this “new gen” language… He is so annoyed wth it, nd mny a tyms he hs trouble understndin it..  well, now, lemme see how, he is gonna react to this new “sticker language”!

So donn forget guyz to “say it out loud with stickers”!! J keep smiln! Enjoy lyf!!
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