I don’t hate bein a girl, what I hate is, being a girl in a country like mine!”

This is the mere truth for most of the girls in our country.. We say, v r a developed nation, or developing (whatever), yet  our girls are not fully educated, we say we are developin every second, yet girls r made to marry off at young ages, v say we r developed nd yet, sadly our girls donn even hve the freedom to walk around freely…Well, is this what is development?? I thought I had learned it differently at school.. If this is development , then I don’t think I need it , no ,not anymore. If this is development , then I think I’d rather live in the past itself!

Today, I cant narrate an incident for writing this article, for there are many, lots nd lots of it…stories of cruelties to girl children , stories where they had to face suppression,oppression , stories of how there was no one to hear their agressions…that I cant to decide on which of the recent incidents forced me to write this….
In my days till the twelfth grade I never bothered about this topic, coz u see, for the few of us, who’ve had the fortune to go toschools and get standard education, life , was what we saw inside those four walls…Nothing else seems real, no matter how many newspaper u read.or how mny news channels you listened to.. Life meant, you, your family, cousins, friends, teachers and bas!! that was it, no more , no less! It is only wen u get a sudden chnge of environment, wen u get to live by yourself (like it happened to me, wen I started stayin at hostel) that you realise, that there is a world out there.. I think ,b4 that I should say,  there is a whole country out there, no, scratch that also, lets say, there is a huge state out there yaar!!

Y blame the country, wen our state itself is not supportin girls!, wen it is not doin anything for their protection! Recently, wen our “very educated”  rulers came forward to issue a circular that legalised marriage of girls at the age of sixteen.. I thought “have they lost their mind or what!” “don’t they see whats goin on here, as it is!!” There are a 101 other serious issues on hand and yet this is what they could come up with ??!That day v had a small procession in our college…protesting against the rule.. Like many, I too thought what was the point of us holdin a march, that too at noon, in that hot sun….what good is it goin to do?? But now I think, atleast that much was done….somethin is damn better than nothing.. I hope and sincerely pray that no single girl become a prey to this crooked rule!!See? That’s the situation of our place, girls cant walk left nd right, yet v’r concerned abt lowerin marriage age..what for?? I’m not only talking about  the innumerable number of rape cases, but also abt female foeticide , child marriages etc etc…
I’m a girl, that doesn’t mean I  am restricted ..of my freedom to walk around freely,of my freedom  to dress accordin to my wishes..of my freedom to jump, to talk loud, to raise my voice… being a girl does not mean that I cant enjoy the lil gifts that my life gives me.. Being a girl does not mean that I cant be myself…Being a girl does not mean that I cant enjoy life!!I sed in the beginning…I don’t hate being a girl, I hate being a girl in a country like ours! Well, thatz rubbish ryt? Coz, Now, I say…YES! I AM A GIRL!! In INDIA!! Show them the real power of girls!…Show them what you can do! Rise to the situation!!after all, (as the clichéd add  says)..Y Shd Boyz hVe Ol tHe FuN!!?

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