My tryst wth de v notch???

Hey guyz,tym fr sme nw incdnts…frst i wsh ol my readers a wndrfully ausum new yr?? (oops! srry 4 being lAte?) so hw hs been ur nw yr so far,goin gud huh..?

Today i’d lyk to shre an incidnt wd u ws my lab xm 2 weeks bck…the subjct ws hydraulics or  fluid mechanics lab.. Well,umm,we hve abt 7 expmnts in ol..nd there z ds one expmnt called ‘de triangular notch’ whch i dreaded.. I feared abt gettin dz expmnt lyk nything,nd strted praying for nt gettin it abt a week earlier.. I did extra prayers at odd times,recited spl prayers nd so on..on the mrning f xm,i just pryed nt to get dis prtclr expmnt, even b4 stepping in2 the lab it ws de nly thng i prayed fr..

I rchd de lab,waited outside,my nmbr ws called,it ws my turn to take the lot that indicted de alwayz i took the 3rd one..(3-my lucky nmbr,dt has nvr failed me so far..) nd as xpected my qstn ws ‘v notch’????

Aaha!!i felt my legs shaking,frst thng i did ws to personally put a ‘setout’ wth god..nxt thng i crsed my parbts fr sendin me fr dis course..i then set out to du de practicls, obviously it turnd out to b a huge flop.nd i cme out f de lab cryin..???

Aftr reachn hostel i wndered…had i nt dreaded dt prticlr expmnt ..mayb ..jz mayb i mght nt hve gt it…aah,wtvr it z i ws sure f one thing destiny z one thng tht cant be chnged!  God defnitly z a mastermind..?? atleast  i kno now, frm abve der,he knows abt me,nd he z def hearin my prayers,whether thngs happen as i hopd fr or nt he surely us hearing…well atleast thatz cnfrmed huh??
So tht ws abt my lab xm, surely had sme impact on me?? nd my dad.,. for he nw cals me (de v notch gal??) nywayz hve a wndrful 2014 guyz..keep smilin!!

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