My own version of the candy crush saga..

They say u dream of things that u very often think about, or the things that u talk about before going to bed. Well , in my case, both of these hadn’t happened.. Even though it was one of the best dreams I’ve ever had! A dream from which I didn’t want to come out.. u guys might be thinking maybe I had dreamt of meeting my soulmate, or maybe I dreamt of such wonderful food that I could feel the taste…but wait..this one is different..

And.. tralaaa..of all the things in this world, I dreamt about my lab class! As already mentioned in one of the previous articles, for me lab classes are not exactly a piece of sugar candy..But  in my dream, my lab class was just perfect… As usual I was working with my lab group, roll no:s 1 to 10 , but we had a new teacher, a wonderful middle aged lady. We were in the same room, near the same machines, chattering out loud. The teacher came near us, and asked us to find out the crushing strength of the given material. And she handed me the material, a huge red and yellow LOLLIPOP!! She said“here, find out the crushing strength of three such candies and get me the average, I’ll give you people a demo for the first one”. She put the candy in a machine,turned the power on  and we waited for the candy to break….

Soon enough the candy broke , and she asked us to get two more such candies from the lab assistant. When we went to him he said “there’s no way I can give you people more test samples, as it is we are running short of raw material, the teacher don’t have to know all this right..hmph” And for the first time our group started arguing, asking for more samples..! Finally we went to the teacher, and explained our situation to her..  She said “ don’t get upset, I’ll arrange the required raw materials next week Jfor now why don’t I treat you people with some icecream bars ??“ Ahh I cant express how happy we all were!!
And then..suddenly it started snowing outside..and I was hair flying in the wind, running through the lush beauty of the lawn outside the lab….and I was hearing music.. someone singing in the snow…and.. BANG! I woke up, my friend just kicked me for not putting off my alarm.!

I wish the dream was not over, I wish I had a lab class like that one, I’m pretty sure that’d be far more interesting,than finding the crushing strength of bricks and concrete..uph!!If only I got a chance to write the syllabus………….. 
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