India + Dependence = Independence!!
Sorry readers I sincerely wish to greet you all on this day as we celebrate 68 years of freedom in our country!! But no matter how hard I try..i just cant do it.. It is true we must celebrate this day, to know, understand and value the gift of “freedom”. The FREEDOM  which our forefathers gave their lives for.. But if this is freedom then how come I still am not allowed to go out alone?? If this is freedom then how come millions are still being slaughtered each day in the name of religion?? If this is freedom then how come millions are still starved to death here.. if ‘this’ is FREEDOM then I don’t think  many wish for it!!

On this day, as I look out of my window I see hundreds of tricoloured flags waving in the streets,I see schools hoisting the nation’s flag, I see parades passing by.. today will pass like this..but what about tomorrow?? Is anyone going to remember the tricolours tomorrow?? I am sure that tomorrow ,when I look out I ‘ll see all these flags being walked upon..  its all the same every year, the flag hoisting, the sweet distribution, the patriotic songs…only this year, apart from these usual rituals I find my phone being flooded with the number of independence day wishes in watsapp..

Please ignore this message if you think I am ignorant about the freedom I enjoy.. but please don’t be blind to what is happening around you. Cos as I look around I see the ‘dependency’ of the poor on the rich, the ‘dependency’ of the common man on the rulers, the ‘dependency’ of women on men, the dependency of…..  And it is this ‘dependency’ that is to be washed off from this country.. On this day I wish to remind each one of you the words of the greatest leader of all times, the father of our nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who said “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS WORLD”! So rise up what is to be done,say what is to be said, change what is to changed…NOW!! Because it is high time that we took the word FREEDOM to a new dimension!

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