In the name of Allah the most merciful, I ,Afifa,cordially invite you to the occasion of publishing of my article on the big fat Indian wedding! For weddings have become quiet the affair in Kerala today. Every weekend i go home from hostel, yearning for some good food and i end up attending some great great great grandfather’s late daughter’s younger son’s eldest daughter’s wedding! These days people are taking wedding to such a new dimension that it has exceeded my frustration limit!One thing is that I hardly know whose wedding I am attending ,i wont even know whether I am from the bride’s side or the groom’s side. I go there, sit patiently till the nikkah ceremony  is over, watch people fuss on their costumes and jewellery. I gaze around and see aunties gossiping about the dowry, about how ‘big’ and ‘costly’ the car is.. and amidst all this I find the bride’s dad in a not so jovial mood?..As soon as the nikkah is over people rush to the food counter where there are about 50 new dishes being served. This is the saddest part of the story.. cos these days the moment I receive a wedding invitation I get the smell of biriyani!! So when my friend told me that in a recent wedding he attended they served pastas and noodles, I felt a plunge of joy in me..!!Wow!! now that’s a change of menu!Once the food counter opens a fight ensues in which I find the Darwin’s law of ‘survival of the fittest’ coming effective! After the first trip of people have finished eating, I look down to find several chicken legs being walked upon..and lumps of biriyani rice on de floor? all this fuss for food makes my tummy full and i decide to try out just de dessert maybe?The dessert people opens the icecream boxes and i find all the people suffering from diabetes act as if they are on a parole from their family members..finally, if i am lucky enough i manage to emerge victorious with a teeeny weeny scoop of icecream…all mine!!after de food war is over, I try to get a glance at de couple amidst the spikes nd balds of about twenty photographers…a glitter f gold..sparkles of diamond..thats all I could see of the bride..

Well this is wedding!Atleast for several of the people

attending it.. Not so good enough to accept but it must be 
accepted because it is the Hard nd Inconvenient FACT!!??!
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