“DO or Die”

Recently I read an article in the ‘open page’ of “the Hindu” dated 25/8/14. It was written by a lady working in a software company.. young and smart! She wrote about an incident of child abuse that she had witnessed right in front of her eyes. She ends the article on a melancholic note, praying and hoping against hopes that the child is safe, safe in the hands of her parents. She says she had dialled the helpline number, reported a case of child abuse but as usual there was  a no show their side due to ‘lack of evidence’ about the abuser! (Funny how they expect us to know the identity of the guilty!) But is that all she could have done? Couldn’t she have just gone out and helped that poor soul who have just started her life on this amazing planet? Had she done so, couldn’t she have ended the article on a heroic way!!

No! but she didn’t and alas! See what has happened now..her that one moment of hesitation, her teeniest lack of courage has given her a life of regrets, a life of shame..
So teens..please do not hold back because you are scaredabout your life and your safety. Cos I believe that a ‘valient’ death is definitely better than a ‘shameful’ life!

Leave the agencies or departments assigned to do so for they never do their work on ‘time’..but why bother them? Do your part.What if you could some good in this world each day. The happiness and satisfaction that it could give you is beyond imagination! Just try it coz I am damn sure that, that ‘happiness’ is a million more ‘worth’ all the trouble you put in!! J J

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