Let the sun shine again!! J
It was a usual Monday morning. The alarm rang and you got up, reluctantly to yet another week of classes, exams and assignments. It has been the same drill every week for the past three years now. Yes! You hate Monday mornings.. Three years of hostel life has made you an expert in getting ready fast..  and so within half an hour you were strolling on to college, with your best Monday face ON!  Mondays start with your practical classes so you headed straight to the laboratory. You met your buddies on your way, talked with them, had a laugh and passed out loud comments. As always lab classes were the best! Then it was in the midst of laughing out loud to a joke that someone had just cracked that you heard it… BOOM!! An explosion! Then you felt the ground shaking beneath your feet. There were gun shots and more bombings. After a minute of numbness you realise that ‘this thing  is serious maan!!  It was an actual bombing.. It was not some petty joke that your friends used to play sometimes…  This was real!.. itz all happening … and that too NOW!
Even as you looked at each other  there were more explosions, more killings… Everywhere you looked there was a splash of red..pools of blood.. Scared of even breathing you huddled with your friends to a safe shelter.. and then the explosions  came near…the cries..the shoutings…
Oh God!! What did we do?? To punish us like this!! Even as you prayed you saw your friend, your classmate being shot right in front of your eyes.. So helpless you felt.. Someone was shouting..” the war has begun”.. and you thought.. “WAR?? What for??!!” The day continued just like that, no one came for help.. deaths and more deaths followed..
I know that this piece of article wouldn’t have triggered much of an emotion in many of you people out there.. But imagine seriously..just take a minute, close your eyes, take a deep breath and then start reading it again replacing the word  ‘YOU’ with an ‘I’!! Would it hurt you then.. What if it was you who had to suffer a day like the one mentioned above…?? yes! Now you can feel it!! Its natural..cos that is human nature.. ‘you never realise the pain of others until it happens to you’!
What if you have to go through days like this; for a month..no, scratch that,even for a week?? Scratch that also…can you atleast imagine an hour like this! NO right??Now its bothering you.. But wait..this is exactly what the people of Gaza are going through right now..even as you are reading this, people are being tortured there.. For more than  a month now all they have seen and heard is gun shots, dead bodies and cries of their loved ones.. And do you know what the worst part of it all is??  It is that there is NO ONE, NO ONE  to HELP them!  There is no one to hear their cries.. Innocent lives are being slaughtered day after day.. but WHY?? What have they done wrong??
Not  only have the superpowers left them alone , but they  have indulged into the cruel and unforgivable act of providing the Israel army with fully loaded weapons..Please teens!! Wake up.. React! Oppose if you are against it..  Governments have remained indifferent to this massacre of the innocents by Israel but you can definitely express your anger…  What if the anger  of the ordinary people can put an end to the heartless act of the superpowers..And do take a moment out of your busy lives and pray for them.. for prayers can do miracles..!

Coz  TOGETHER, we can make the sun shine again in Gaza, cos TOGETHER we can make the black smokes vanish, cos TOGETHER, we can wipe the blood stains clean from Gaza, cos TOGETHER we can make the people of Gaza smile.. again.. Cos everyone and every single soul has a right to live in this ausomly, amazingly  wonderful place called EARTH!!

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