Which number are you??

If , after a decimal point numbers greater  than 5 comes then round it off to the bigger digit, and if after the decimal point number less than 5 comes then round it off to the lesser digit. But what if 5 comes after the decimal place… Well mathematically they do have rules..  But even then if number 5 comes after the decimal point it is slightly difficult to round it off!
For a while now, to me, all the numbers  after  5 represent the rich ( 6- rich ,7- super rich ,8- millionaire and 9- billionaire ) and all the numbers less than 5 represent the poor ( 4- poor, 3- poorer ,2 –poorest, 1- super poor )
I give the number ‘zero’ (the mighty invention of  we, the Indians ) for the homeless poor… or let’s say the poverty stricken. As always the number ‘zero’ is the toughest to be placed anywhere..  As in ‘zero’ is neither odd nor even… or ‘zero’ is neither prime nor composite. But even then ‘zero’ is the number that is the most debated and discussed upon .
Hence it is not of ‘zero’ that I want to write today.. Today I feel the need to write on number 5! Any guesses as to whom I give that number to? Yeah!! ‘THE COMMON MAN’ . Just like in Mathematics the number ‘five’ is in trouble, in life ‘the common man’ is in jeopardy! Why do I make such a comparison?? Well the reasons are many.. and here are a few..

 If you are poor then the government takes care of you and if you are rich then you take care of the government.. Who is at nowhere here? Of course the middle class ..

If you are poor you get reservations on college seats, and if you are rich then you can own a  seat, made just for you, if you are ready to roll some dice and throw some money in..

If you are poor then you get scholarships in endless number and if you are rich then of course you don’t need a scholarship!

If you are poor people help you  in the name of charity ,and if you are rich u donate money for charity and receive awards..

If you are poor then the government feeds you , educate you and even get you high tech gadgets  to grow in pace with the society and if you are rich then you supply the government with these provisions..

But then what happens to the common man?? He struggles.. All his life.. endless struggling..  Mostly they are the ones who take up office jobs, work day in and day out, saving each penny.. and finally at the start of the month they earn some money which the government is ready to snatch in the name of taxes! Not just the taxes about 60% of the money that they make are spend in what is called the never ending ‘BILLS’.. electricity bill, water bill, house rent, insurance bills, telephone bill, internet charges and what not!!  So trust me when I say the two words the middle class are most afraid of will be ‘BILLS’ and ‘TAXES’!

Moving on to why I had this sudden instinct to write on the ‘poor common man’ now! Well here goes. Few days back I was out with my mom and dad.. We were coming back after some shopping and it was late.. We were trying to find a decent restaurant to have our dinner.. Well, the one or two restaurants that we spotted were too high class..with unreasonable cost.. (Now that’s another thing  … if you are a middle class member then its highly likely that you find it difficult to buy anything of unreasonable price) Then we spotted some ‘thattukadas’ but then since it was dark my dad did not want to take us there. That’s when I thought ‘God! Our society is really divided into three layers now! The division is being quite obvious! The poor, the middle class and the rich!

Even then The middle class man is happy! just like the number ‘five’ being an important number.. like we have’ five’  fingers/toes on each hand /leg. .without the ‘five’ vowels I would have been unable to write this article, and besides ‘five’ strikes a balance…  u r exactly in the middle.. like the life of a  common man …perfectly balanced between the rich and the poor ..
Well that’s it folks! About numbers and people… So which number are you?? Whichever number you are try being happy Jand don’t forget to ‘live’ ur life and don’t just ‘survive’it!

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