These are the days when the world has come to know of the word PMS. The internet is flooding with PMS hashtags , people are writing about menstruation , supporting the cause, spreading information.. which is a good thing. But how many of you all out there know what is the actual struggle behind it all?How many of you know what the girl goes through during PMS? But before beginning let me make this clear,This article is not just for the ladies.. Prospective grooms and boyfriends might find it way more useful if they hate fights with their wife/girlfriend!

A few months back we had this absurd #padman challenge going around in the Internet, where people posed with a sanitary pad in hand! What was the whole point? Of course celebrities did it for the cause of promoting their movie ..Anyone with a television at home would have already known how a sanitary napkin looks and what is its use, thanks to the many advertisements of the same coming up! In fact whenever an ad film comes up showing a girl in white pants (and I really don’t know what is the deal there!!)  be sure it is a commercial for sanitary pad! As if white dress are meant for period days!

The fact that a woman, right from her teens, starts menstruating, is not unknown, however what is unknown is what they go through during that time of the month and NO! it is not just for 7 days! The real struggle starts way before that! You see most people tend to assume ‘periods’ is just when the girl bleeds, but before the ‘Oh! I am bleeding part’ there is an ‘ Oh! What am I doing with my life/ I am tired of life’ phase! And trust me after struggling through that phase, most of the time , women are okay with the bleeding part!

There are men who ask , how do you get past those days when you are bleeding day and night? Don’t you feel tired? I often feel that the answer to this is PMS. You see ,if we can get past that stage, then we can definitely go through the ‘periods’ phase.

The problem with this phase is that you don’t know when it would begin, sometimes a week before, sometimes two days before and sometimes even two weeks before! And you don’t know how long it is going to last! It is like one day you wake up and you feel all happiness have been taken away from your life! It is almost as if dementors have come in to your life! You get angry for no reason.  Husbands and boyfriends better be aware of this stage , because a snide remark from you, that would otherwise be taken with a smile might just lead to a fight, if said at the wrong time!!

It is not just the anger, this is also that time of the month where some would find tears flowing out for no apparent reason at all! There was this one time when I cried because I couldn’t find something I was looking for and another time when I cried and couldn’t find a reason for it, no matter how hard I thought! And thinking about it harder, made me even more sad!


Just want to be away from all this!

So how to cope up with this , without much struggle?? Mostly during this phase what happens is the people around you might not understand what you are going through. Many would mistake you to being silly and sensitive. Sometimes you just wish they would understand! But not everyone is like Sheldon Cooper from the big bang theory,who asks ‘ Where are you in your menstrual cycle?’ before making remarks to a woman!

However there are some things you could do yourself , which would give you a few ounce of happiness, like taking a walk , coffee breaks or watching some happy stuff on the Internet.

Taking a walk helps you clear your mind

Of course one of the best medicines – coffee!!

Sometimes watching a  movie that has some action, or a superhero movie can do wonders in lifting up your spirits and pumping up your energy levels! Like me here , all set to fight the world!

Hello World! Here I come !

  • PS: Did you notice that in all the above pictures I’ve dressed in my sweatshirt and have not bothered to put makeup or even tie up my hair?? That is the other thing I connect with PMS.

All this aside, do you know what the best way to fight PMS is?? It is just like fighting away the Dementors! You need only to produce a Patronus charm, and it better be a strong one.. And how do you produce a Patronus charm?? Yes! Think of your HAPPIEST memories! Thinking about it reminds you of the wonder called LIFE and all the good things that it has in store for you!. The many more adventures that you are going to have.. and most importantly it reminds you of your Friends and Family.. All those people ,whom you have in your life, who cares about your happiness! Spread that Patronus and you WIN! Spread that Patronus and you TAKE ON THE WORLD!



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