Last month we had this  #10yearchallenge on the internet. Whether it was Facebook’s way of improving their AI or not, I do not know, But people seemed to enjoy it.. Some of them were very happy to know that they haven’t aged much over the years , or some felt happy to know that they have actually grown more beautiful. Few shared how they were back in shape and for some the opposite. Some of them, mostly people of my age group , who were not able to find a 10 year old photograph of themselves  (Thanks to smartphones not being invented and the fact that being second born in the family does not give you the privilege of having your own baby album!) sought happiness in putting up #25yearoldchallenge and put up the only  pic they have from their childhood.

Another thing , that you would definitely not miss , if you were born in the early 90s is wedding photos of your School/college mates. People are either getting engaged /married /having a baby or have already had their first kid.. It seems like suddenly everyone is having their best time of life. Honeymoon pictures turn into #traveldiaries2k18 followed with #couplegoals #partnerincrime and so many more.

And just when I start getting annoyed with all the photos , Facebook – keeper of all memories; gracefully reminds me that ‘hello madam you have done exactly the same thing about a year ago.. Come lets share a memory on your wall!”

Now, I am one among the very few, who did not take the 10 year challenge. Because  I  really don’t keep any childhood photo in my phone or google photos. It is that part of my life I wish to see in those dusty albums back at home, together with my family.. 

Last weekend as we were turning the calendar page to February,  I remembered this would be our second valentines day as a married couple. And I wondered about all the things that have changed . It is amazing how your marriage grows within one year … So much so that you change from the #honeymooners into #weekendgroceryshopping!!

So today I have decided to combine the two most common hashtags on my Facebook wall into a single one  – #2yearsofmarriage.  Below I have penned down some major changes that have happened over the year.

Number of couple photos takes a leap down

Last year wherever we went we took a “looooot'” of photos. We posed for selfies, he would take lovely candids and all that. I used to come home, took time editing some good pics, posted it on Facebook / put it up on my blog and enjoyed reading the comments. But now outings are not for just taking photos. It is like why the hell do we need pictures of each other?? .. I am seeing you all the day, all throughout the year! Maybe we should take photos of that beautiful women out there!  And not to talk of the tedious task of taking out the phone, unlocking it each time and clicking!!

See that is what happens when you are no longer the honeymoon couple- and how did I realize this ?? I could not find one decent new picture of ours together to add in this post.!!

Paying bills now bothers you.

When you live with your parents , bills are not something you care about.  We were like – Yeah Yeah so at the end of every month we have to pay some bills ,so what is the big deal!.. During the initial months of living together , your loving husband do not want to let you know the troubles he go through to pay them. So on the first valentines day he comes home with a gift , even though knowingly he is adding up few amount to his already accumulated  ‘bills’. Come second valentines.- and you better  come in terms with the ‘bills’ by this time. .

Both of us get our salary on 27th of each month. So around the 21st , we start calculating , and its not just addition/subtraction, mind you, you  newlyweds. You dwell into the deeper levels of mathematics so much so that you calculate the year in  which you might start saving something from your salary [which incidentally maybe 4/5 years ahead!]

But thanks to all the brainstorming , we are not surprised when the account balance returns to the three digit number by the end of the month!

Yes, marriage life makes you a pro at practical mathematics and banking!

Him – “Haa! we still  have 500AED left from the salary”   ;  Me – (after some more number crunching) “Did we count the telephone bills”??  ;   Him – Oh noo!


Household chores run on strict schedule

This is something you could relate if both of you’re working,  like in our case. Boy! do we have schedule that runs way better than the Indian Railways! Suddenly you realize you don’t have to put everything into the laundry basket after one use- maybe you could wear that top another day as well… Even when you go shopping, you look for clothes that are ”machine” friendly.  And important thing  never litter the floor. Because there is no mom now to pick it all up and put it in order.


Me – “I am telling you last week I did – I swear!”



“Stop right there YOU! This is an order from THE MASTER OF THIS KITCHEN!”

You would think you have mastered home making once you learn cooking and room décor?. But no my dears! you are truly the master of your kitchen when the roaches are scared of YOU! Soon enough you find yourself way better in killing  than your partner.(that too mercilessly) 


You settle down to one dish for dinner

Remember those days at home. where there were two to three dishes each day for dinner and you still ask you mom – “Where is fish fry?” – Well don’t remember it! Because those days are far gone.

Yes, marriage makes you settle down for less at the dining table. Because let’s face it, the vessels don’t get clean on their own after all the cooking mess.

Us- ” Did we really finish it all yesterday??!”



But do you know what is the best thing that changes over time – It is the fact that you can simply be yourself with each other- Yes you don’t have to bother if you don’t have makeup on, or you look sick, with running nose or hair full of knots.. nothing matters – cos your partner is always the prettiest – inside and out!

So what do you say?? Shall we??(Wink,wink)

So are you guys ready to take up the #2yearsofmarriage challenge?? 


Lakshmi Chandran · February 10, 2019 at 5:30 pm

Keep writing ? …it’s always refreshing to read your blog!!!

    Afifa · February 10, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    Thankyou so much!

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