A message to all the wonderful ladies .

STOP trying to look beautiful for others. STOP trying to look the best in the room. If a woman is fat , then let her be. If she is slim let her be. She doesn’t need another comment on her body, at the least not from another WOMAN. Let them LOOK the way they WANT. 

STOP Gossiping . If the girl next door is not the perfect home maker let it be. Let her be. If the lady you met at  the airport was immersed in her career. Let her be . If your newly married friend quit her job to build a home. Let her be! If she did not quit her job , Let her be. Let them do WHAT they WANT.

STOP bothering about the other woman’s life.  STOP trying to find news they do not want to share with you. If it is something you should know she will tell you , Otherwise LEAVE it!  CLEAR your HEADS. STOP worrying too much.

STOP living for the guy whom you JUST met!. STOP destroying your other relationships for HIM. STOP putting away your dreams for SOMEONE ELSE .


START finding time for YOURSELF. Follow your DREAMS. DO what makes you happy. If being a homemaker makes you happy. Quit your job . Be WHAT you WANT.

START uplifting each other. START appreciating other women . Appreciate her for trying to bring out her BEST version. START talking GOOD about the other girl . Spread good words.

START loving yourself. It is okay if the home is not always super tidy. It is okay if you don’t do the dishes right then. It is fine. RELAX.

And most importantly – BE THERE FOR THE OTHER WOMAN.

That’s what she craves the most at times of despair , at times of helplessness . BE THERE for your lady friends.




PS: Picture courtesy goes to my amazing niece. Kids do have the most innocent thoughts.


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