It is said the biggest day in a girls life is her wedding. She plans for it since her childhood days. I am sure all of us ladies out there have imagined ourselves in that wedding dress, walking down the aisle , a million times !We all have an idea on how that day should be and my case was no different. Mine was an arranged marriage. After a series of matchmaking my family finally found the right one for me.
A little about him..Now since my family had done a complete check on education, family background and all that stuff , the only thing I had to worry about is whether our characters matched.  From the beginning what attracted me to him was that he is my complete opposite! Not only opposite in character but we were opposites even in appearance!  We had more than a year after our engagement so we got pretty close by the time of our wedding.
So, the groom was set, now the more difficult plan -the wedding planning. What made me more excited about the wedding is the fact that I got to plan it!For I had made a list of things in my mind that I wanted to change in the usual wedding pattern.
The list:
1. The dress : From the beginning I was pretty adamant that I will not dress up in  Red, and that I would not wear a dress that looked as if a glitter packet had fallen on it. I’ve always imagined myself in a gown for wedding so that was fixed. About the colour, I wanted something that I, myself had never seen on any other bride. After  a loooooooot of search we ended up with grape wine colour.
[ PS: I am not sure if grape wine is an actual colour. I named it and my husband hated it because he had to search all the stores for a similar colour shirt/tie.. He still curses that colour though! But who cares .. Its the wedding! ]
Outfit for the day
Since I was very close to my 2 year old niece I wanted her to be my flower girl. But instead of choosing her a flower girl dress I made her a miniature of my own dress.
I made her my flower girl but she ended up being my body guard for the day. No not even my husband could touch me without her permission!
2. The jewellery: It is very common to see Indian brides in a great amount of jewels .. Its almost as if all the gold ended up covering the dress. I had it in my mind right from the beginning , I would not wear that amount of gold. A dream that I thought was impossible till the wedding day, but thanks to my parents, my love, the designer and the wonderful lady who dressed me up, my dream turned out real because the gold was not matching with my dress! Score! I just wore a single neckpiece on my wedding.
3. The accessories: I am a shopaholic when it comes to watches and shoes and so it was my wish to wear a statement watch for my wedding. I knew it would be a breakthrough because I had never seen an Indian bride wearing a watch alone in one hand. And just as I was wondering , how to ask my parents for a new watch, I got one as gift! Thanks to the super awesome people at my sisters office… It was my best wedding gift. I wanted to wear a sneakers for wedding but that plan backfired as it did not go with my dress.
4.The entry : Nowadays It’s very common to see brides being escorted to the stage under a lighted dupatta , the four ends of it being held by cousins. One of my first requests to my mom was not to  take me to stage like that. Because I wanted to enter the stage with my parents on both sides. So I walked down the aisle with my father(mom got busy at the time so) and my lovely niece.
The walk.
So,that is it guys, that was my wedding… A year of planning for just three hours of function.At the end of the day I ended up having not just one but two great families . and of course the love of my life. No amount of thanks could express my gratitude to them for letting me have a wedding as I imagined. I say this especially because I have seen brides crying on their wedding day as they could not dress up as they had imagined or because they had to wear all that jewelry ..A piece of advice goes out here to all- It is their big day let them be happy!
So all of you ladies out there with wedding nearby- what are you waiting for – start planning your customised wedding!! And also wait for next post on planning the honeymoon!!
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