Ever since our wedding date was decided and we had started talking over phone , both of us began planning our honeymoon. Be it love marriage or arranged, honeymoon is essential because it is your first trip as a married couple. It is during those days that you could get really close with your partner because you could be just ‘you’ with him then!! I say this because the initial days of marriage is always difficult since we are constantly trying to play the perfect ‘bahu’ in the process of which we have to hide our original care-free character that we used to have at our homes.
So coming to the planning part you would think it is pretty easy but trust me its difficult especially if you’re in an arranged marriage. We used to have so many fights on where to go, when to go and so on.Based on all this here goes my simplified checklist.
Hurdle 1: When to go?
It is important to go for your honeymoon at least within two weeks after your wedding. The sooner the better. And it is also better to fix your dates early enough, since after the wedding suddenly, you would feel you both are the busiest people on Earth , thanks to the never ending treats and relative visit.[ Especially if your husband is working abroad and have to leave soon]. In our case both of us had  a mutual agreement on that. So that was sorted pretty easily and we decided to leave 4 days after our wedding. My love made it clear that he would leave only after getting our marriage certificate since I was too small in appearance and he did not want any trouble en route!
Hurdle 2: Where to go?
Now this is where we had difficulty in planning since we have completely opposite preferences when it comes to places. He wanted somewhere with hill stations and I wanted somewhere with beaches. He loved the cold and I loved the sun. I wanted to try snorkeling and underwater diving which was not there in hill stations. But luckily for him, we could not go to any beach area since our wedding was in July and it was off season  in most of those places. Finally we decided we would visit somewhere in North India. Once we both had decided, the next step was to convince parents on both sides. And as I had imagined we got a NO from both ends due to safety issues. Finally after months of talking and persuading we ended up deciding Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur.
The Petronas tower
Hurdle 3: The fund.
Probably the most difficult hurdle! My take on this step is that it is not fair to let your partner put in all the amount. I mean he is also in his late twenties, he is also struggling with his career.. So if you have some savings with you put it in. And then you could have a really great trip.
Hurdle 4: What to wear?
This would be one of the most important hurdle for us girls. Its okay you can sort it through. Here you can ask your partners preferences. Also honeymoon is the time when you could actually switch from those ethnic wear that you had been clinging to ever since the wedding have been announced! So Go shopping! Its also important to shop light cos you do not want to carry lots of bags with you all the time. Wear something light and comfortable and do not forget to look your best because now you have an official photographer with you all the time!!
Ready to leave 

Some lessons/outcomes learnt from the trip

1. Trying out local cuisine: For us this became no issue since honeymoon was when we learnt- he is a huge foodie and that I am pathetic in it. We tried local cuisines most of the time I wouldn’t like it but he would! 
Dragon-fruit juice- No for me!

2. A word on shopping: Girls, as much we love shopping- do not shop too much for honeymoon.. Relax its just your first trip- enough time left for that. However if you find something unique then go for it! And important advise: Try to wear whatever you bought during the trip itself so that he wont regret buying it to you! Moreover this could even help you shop more!

My purchase during the trip.[handmade neck pieces].  First pendent has dried orchid and the second is my star sign pendent made of cardboard.

3. We learnt I am no animal lover but he is one!! We went to this [amazing for him] zoo at Malaysia where the animals are not caged and we can literally walk through man-made forest. Below is picture of me scared and fighting to leave the place.

4 . Finally, most important lesson- do NOT fight during honeymoon or whichever trip for that matter. Its a complete mood changer. Piece of advice: Whatever it is you have to take on him, keep it to yourself- take it out once you reach back!

So that is it guys-Go ahead and plan that perfect trip! Hope I’ve helped !

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