I have never been much of a problem child for my mother. I have always been pretty much self capable, be it in studies or other activities. However the one thing that my mother used to worry about me is my cooking skills. I should not not even use the word skill because until very recently I had not cooked anything on my own. To start with I did not like to cook and till studies got over I always had that excuse for not helping her out in kitchen.
By the time I reached second year of Engineering my mom used to call me down to help whenever I came home from hostel. Each time I found a good excuse to avoid cooking. I remember finally consoling her saying- “Don’t worry mom, I’ll be only 21 when I complete engineering,after that I’ll take a year off to learn cooking!”. 4 years passed thus , then the same worry returned for my mom, but God saved me there too. I got admission for masters course. So then I used to tell mom- ” Don’t worry Mom , I’ve still got time!” Again two years passed, I completed my masters.The case of cooking returned again, but with a difference- It was not only my mom who was worried this time but also myself. I  completed studies in the month of June,2017 and I was about to get married in July which left me with no time to learn to cook! That is when Mom back stabbed me with “I told you there wont be any TIME left”.

Who invented cooking!!
I have always wondered what this big deal with cooking was -‘The you are a girl you have to learn cooking from teenage stuff.’
I recall I had male friends asking me ” What do you know to cook apart from noodles?’ That is when I would think ” Who told him I knew how to make noodles.. I don’t know that!” 
When someone in hostel got engaged we used to have discussions in hostel which goes like ..” Are you scared about the cooking part!?”
So by the time it was July and wedding was coming close I got tensed.. Everywhere I go I heard the same question ” Do you know cooking?Did you learn to cook? What are you going to do about cooking? “and God knows what else. The answer to these questions that I had in my mind- I would cook when the time comes. By the time of my wedding eve I could hardly sleep cos I had this constant worry. I told this to my love and he said – “Don’t worry! My mom knows you cant cook. She will teach you.Besides I do not want you to be a chef , I just want you to cook something/anything I could eat” 
[PS: I am very thankful and lucky to get a mom in law who never complained about my cooking skills and trusted I will be able to do it]
A month after wedding, my ticket to UAE got ready and I realised ‘Wow! Now I am the one in charge of cooking for us’. My mom used the chance and she teased ” See, I told you to learn to cook.. Now what are you going to do!” Even though I was worried myself I replied, trying not to lose my cool ” I do not have any regrets. At least I enjoyed my single days.  From now on there is no option for me but to cook!
Now,after three months of cooking for myself and my love-and confirming here the fact that both of us are alive and perfectly fine eating my food- I would like to say I have solved the curious case of cooking!. 
So this is my note to prospective brides.
1. Cooking is way less complicated than it has been described to us by our relatives. Yeah maybe 20 years back it was complicated but now thanks to YouTube you could manage to do it.
2. Don’t regret that you did not learn how to cook earlier. If you learnt it earlier then good.. If not its fine- you were not wasting time- you had your education to worry about- you got your degrees. 
3. Even though you don’t know how to cook, make up your mind that you will learn to /or you would do it for you don’t want yourself and your partner go hungry!
4. Dear prospective grooms- Do not look for a girl who have already mastered the art of cooking- look for one who is ready to cook for you no matter what it takes.
5. Final note to relatives : Cooking is not the only thing that defines her. Come on! After all, you have all passed through that stage.
So girls I hope I have solved one huge problem for you! I can only say this – If I, cooked anybody can!I mean not the chef like cooking but cooking for survival [I bet my mother can vouch me for this more than anyone!!]
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