Remember that time when we were students and we used to say ” I wish studies would get over soon “?  Well ..don’t say it! For when you are in college  at least you  know what to do everyday!This article is for all those who have graduated and is in search of a job (like me here) or for those who are to be graduating soon. For those who are already working may be this would bring back some memories.

Right now I am in that ‘job search’ phase of life.I have been in search for a job here in UAE for the past couple of months.  So I thought why don’t I share some of the experiences with you? What if I could end up giving some tips .. Now don’t get upset because I am not here to say ” the market is down” or “you should have opted for a different course” or “you need to have more experience” or “this is not a good time for you”. I am going to share the real stages that a job seeker would have to go through. So here goes..

Stage 1-  I’ m going to find one of those job things.

Okay so the first month of job search you are very positive minded and start registering your CV with all job portals. Also you make a list of the companies related to your field , register in their career sites. You wait for vacancies, if that doesn’t show up you wait and say.. Relax! there is still time left.

Emotional state – Positive, hopeful,confident


A click and send!

Stage 2 – Hey there! Could you recommend me for a job?

Next stage you fish out your long-lost contacts who might have a remote possibility of getting you placed somewhere, catch up with up and send your CV to them. More weeks of waiting positively continues. And yeah don’t forget to keep reminding them. Brace yourself !this is the stage where you’ll need a lot of patience because you are going to get lots of advises/tips! Between don’t forget to keep checking on those job portals.

Emotional state – Doubtfully positive, spiritual, irritated

Stage 3 – Please! Any job is fine!

Now you are desperate for a job! Unlike the initial months  now you don’t just search for a specific title. You broaden your job search. In the words of Rachel Green from the famous show F.R.I.E.N.D.S you are at “rock bottom, 50 feet of crap then me “

Emotional state – Desperate, sad,impatient,left in your own world

Stage 4 – Why God? Why me?!

By this time you would have re-applied to all the target companies and would be thinking Why is this happening to me God? Where did I go wrong? You sit and think:

and end up reading some positive thought books.. Maybe ‘The Secret’ or a Paulo Coelho book. This could give you a minimum two weeks guaranteed boost.

Emotional state – Blank, go with the wind

Channel your energy into something else

Stage 5 – This too shall pass because this is just another chapter in life

You are back again.. Keep on searching..For one day what you seek might actually come to you!

Emotional state – Forcefully optimistic.

That is it folks..Good luck and Happy job hunting! Hopefully signing off!


MERIN NIKITHA ANIL · March 21, 2018 at 10:44 am

True in all sense…Every bit of this, I’ve gone through! And it’s only when we are in this “Im an employee” state, we will get to know the biggest truth in life……”Gone are those beautiful and lovely days of life- The student life”!!!…

    Afifa · March 21, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    Yeah those are the best days!

Afsal · March 21, 2018 at 4:43 pm

Bro .. ??..

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