Hello Ladies! Today I’m going to talk of jewellery. We all have some ornaments/accessories that is close to our heart. Let’s talk about those today!

Now I am not a big fan of ornaments so I don’t have much to share but the few pieces that I do own are special to me. Personally I am not a great fan of the yellow metal and diamonds are definitely not my thing (a trait that was hugely found attractive to my hubby! However I do like other metals. When I buy ornaments I try to find that something special.. I try to buy other metals other than gold.There is this standing joke that my mother in law cracks that opening my jewel box is like looking into the periodic table! And so far I have Silver, Gold,Titanium, Rhodium and Sapphire. I also love platinum which is still in the bucket list. So today I am going to share some of it with you all here.

First one is a pendant that I have recently bought from Dubai. This one struck me as I was walking past a shop. It was on display there and instantly this piece reminded me of our home, The Earth.

Why so blue?

.As I went to buy it another surprise was in store and that was…

Yes! It glows!

The next one is a customised black bracelet. Those who are close to me would know that the colour Black is my weakness and so this piece surely attracted me. And I have our names written in Arabic on it.The ring that I am wearing is titanium. It is a couple ring and was an engagement gift from my sister.

Beauty in black

I have a great liking to my birth month , July since I have always felt connected to my birth sign , The Leo. Yes I am a proud Leo and it was my wish to have some accessory that connects with it. This Leo pendant that we bought during our trip to Malaysia does just that. It is completely made of Cardboard and the Swarovski crystals adds to the charm

Forever a LEO

There are a lot of handmade ornaments available in Malaysia , and so I was tempted to buy another pendant that had a real orchid embedded in it.

The next chain , I bought during our trip to Delhi. I bought it from one of the many street side shops in Delhi. It cost Rs 30 and it is one of the best piece that I’ll always treasure.It can be worn both sides and in the centre there is a sparking eye (I guess it sort of made me feel as if I have a third eye). Although this particular piece gave me trouble at the Airport security where they gave it an extra dab with their sensor thing. Finally the lady allowed me to go asking who is that third eye for!

The third eye

Next up is another dual side chain . It is gold on one side and the other side is Rhodium plated. I saw this piece in a jewellery shop one day when we went to purchase something else. Though even after returning home I couldn’t get it out of my head. So the next day we went back and bought it! I knew I just had to have it!

The Rhodium side

The final one on my list is a Swarovski necklace that I have bought recently. This one is special for two reasons. One, I bought it with my own money, my scholarship account and two, Yeah its Swarovski!!

So that is pretty much about my priceless jewels. I am sure most of you would have some accessory that you will always treasure, a piece that is close to your heart. Why don’t you share it out here in the comment section! Till then Bye!


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