So I am putting up this post basically for three reasons.

  1. To let those visiting/staying in UAE that it’s much more than The Burj and the Miracle Garden. There are so many other stuff happening!
  2. I kind of wanted to document all the memories we had while visiting such places and
  3. I wanted to share the pictures.

Weekend in UAE is mostly one day i.e. Friday or if you are lucky enough you get Saturday off too. Since right now I am still on ’job hunt’ (I really don’t know how long I could use it as an excuse for those asking about my job hunt status) I wait for Friday when my husband gets a holiday. The weekdays I search for places where we could go on Friday. [PS to family: This I do only after the job search part].

Last Friday we went to this place called Manarat Al Saadiyat Cultural District in Abu Dhabi. Let me tell if you like art, architecture or even if you are remotely related to this field then this place is a must visit. Luckily for us, when we went, there were two exhibitions going on. So all the more fun!

While on the subject of exhibitions one point though:

First see the work; know about it and then take a picture. This I say because it’s very sad to see only the posing and picture part happening!

A moment of realization that I only have the height of those mannequins even after wearing those shoes and yeah those aren’t real curtains it’s a painting!

This set of postcard size mirrors that is used to capture a better picture (if you know how to use it)
                                          Now who wouldn’t want to read the The Giant Book of unknown language! Right?

There is more to the place than exhibitions. What really struck me was the ambiance. Such a calm place to hangout. They have kept these amazing books on Architecture, luxurious resorts, Green Buildings and so many others! And what more does a book lover need when they have also put up the most relaxing chair!

                                   The relaxi chair and me!( Wanted to take this home real bad though)

Reading away….

And to top it all the place have an amazing outdoor garden, an art shop and a beautiful restaurant! So why don’t you guys check it out tooo!

Sorry for my poor photography skills. Out of all others this is the only one I took!

That’s for today folks! Next up: Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood.


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