When was the last time you saw a sunrise?

Of all the things that I am not , one is being a morning person. I have never been one. In fact if not for our morning prayers I would never have seen that time in my life.  I could sit for hours without sleep at night but no I could not wake up early morning ..like I am sure so many of you out there. Unsurprisingly, my partner is a morning guy.

Usually I come up with places we could visit each weekend , but this time he planned. A plan that I had trouble with.. He wanted to watch a sunrise with me. And not a sunrise that could be seen at a beach 20 minutes from our home; but; at a beach that was a 2 hour drive from our place! [At that point I really doubted whether he actually wanted to see the sunrise or just wanted to wake me early] . After minutes of convincing me, we finally agreed on the plan. Thanks to google we got to know the exact time of sunrise so as to not miss the first rays of yellow hitting the sky..

The previous night we set the alarm at 3:30 am and slept early.Next morning we started the trip.He was fully charged and me still in half sleep. Our first stop was at the coffee shop. After a cup of coffee shop I regained my senses.. and what do you do once you regain consciousness?? yeah! Take selfies.

Coffee can kick you back to reality

Let me tell you here the rest of the journey was a bliss. I mean the view, and the two hour long drive with him, listening to our favourite tunes.. It is great to  watch the sky changing its colour from black to blue! or the ‘twilight’.  Yeah not only vampires can love at twilight we too can!

the twilight

We reached the beach 10 minutes before sunrise and was welcomed with this view. The place was literally empty but for us and the birds.

Sit silently and wait for it to rise, slowly, watch the new dawn and suddenly you feel better! I wont say you would feel enlightened or tension free. But one thing that I could assure you is that you would feel better, just better and happier.

A ray of hope.

After that you could spend some time clicking pictures;like me here; while he sleeps peacefully on the bench..having spoiled your sleep!

When bored take a snap of your footwear. That’s the trend right?


That’s it folks! So have you planned your trip yet?






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