For all of us our home is special but what is even more special is our room.It is our own cozy little place where we could just crash on anytime! Hence it is only natural that we wish to customise it. Some would buy room decor stuff from shops, some would make drawings on walls, some would put up some posters and so on. Just like that it was a wish for me also to decorate my room in my way. Since I had no earnings then I couldn’t buy those expensive room decor things and posters were not really my thing. So I ended up making paintings.

At home my room is painted in different shades of yellow (colour of my choice). However,my dad is not a great fan of painting on walls (something about it being difficult to apply fresh coat of paints later), so I decided to try my wall painting when he was not home. I waited until the day when he won’t be home and was away at a meeting. I finally mustered up the courage, ready to face all consequences and started painting a tree on my yellow wall. Yes I painted a black tree and two red birds.And all of it in one day before my dad came home. The final result was this.

Fly high!

It ended up with him loving my work so I was safe. further I added up some lights from IKEA to create that fairy light effect!

Just remember to turn ON the light


On another wall I have painted my most loved character – The MINIONS

  • Materials Used: Acrylic paint- Black,red,blue,yellow ,lights, whitener

This is how I decorated my room back at home, but then after marriage , we are now settled in Dubai. The problem with having to rent out apartments is that many a times you would not get the home that you had imagined, within your budget. When me and husband rented out this place , we had made up our minds to modify it so that it becomes ‘our own’ space. and this is how we have done that.

Before I came here my husband, knowing my minion obsession, had put up these lovely wall stickers.

The surprise from hubby

Later on we added some photos of our wedding and honeymoon along with our family pictures. Finally to complete the look we stuck some glow in the dark stars.

The photo wall

The final look

PS: The elephant do not come free with the cot. The elephant on the other hands turns out to be a gift from the husband after months of pestering and persuasion..haha!

The minion obsession do not end here. We also have a minion soft toy (again a gift from hubby) and a minion action figure which I have arranged like this.

The minion alarma

We had this uncovered switchboard in our room which was sort of a mismatch. And this was the solution we came up for that.

Before and after image

  • Materials used: Cardboard, Marker pens, photograph, mounting tape, white tape

Ever since I have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Big Bang Theory I have wanted a white board for our home. Just to write down stuff, share thoughts and all. And this idea led to this space.

The classic white board. [Quote courtesy : Albus Dumbledore]

Near to the white board we have the emoji wall.

  • Materials required : Emoji stickers ( 5 aed) , marker pens , white board (10 aed)

Yes! That pretty much sums up our efforts in room decor up until now. Hope I have given you some motivation in modifying your rooms as well! So start thinking friends.Good luck!



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