Years ago, when the first of our race

Came to Earth, In nature they found solace

They befriended the birds, and the trees

And worshipped the mighty beasts.


One day, the skies poured and the winds blew,

Had to find a shelter now, they knew.

So the Chief called the men of the village,

To build a roof was his message.


Happy years passed thus, when one day

Some of the brightest minds found a way

To shut the world when needed and they

Built the windows, to keep the nature away.


Then came the day when  the doors were closed,

Since the indoors were much loved.

Soon enough they closed the windows

To drive away the dust and smokes.


Build a roof  he said,

And shut the world they did .


For they had now shut the air,

Still, it was easy not to care

With windows closed, they started living in a box

It was  rarely opened but  for drying  the socks.


No one noticed, the kids falling ill, and the fading smiles

Nature was forgotten and no one heard her cries.

Until one day, all got sick

Now,  they got time to think .


And then they noticed the shut windows

So the chief ordered to open the windows

The wind came in , and there was air again

The lights came in , and the sun was seen again.


With windows and eyes opened ,

They saw Nature again, their first friend

They saw their neighbors.

Who were no longer strangers.


Open the windows , he said

And, Embrace the world, they did.




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